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Your donation or continued support helps us to continue serving the local church, developing resources and materials for churches, ministries and individual believers, and continue investing in wholesome and God-honoring films and media.

Focus on Jesus Ministries is a Christian ministry and organization which supports missions, church planting, and believers across denominational lines.

About our Finances

Since it's beginning, Focus on Jesus Ministries has been run by volunteers. We keep our overhead costs minimal so that the majority of what you give can directly support ministry, our vision, and missions.

Our budget is simple, our annual expenses for overhead and administrative costs (web site, web services, telephone, office and consumables, administration, software) is capped at $6,500 per year (and is usually less). We currently do not have any paid employees or contractors (though we are not opposed to such when the need may arise). All donations and contributions exceeding this amount (which are not designated toward a specific project, missionary, or church planter) are distributed roughly as follows:

3% - 4% Banking, administrative and payment processing fees.
22% - 25% Missions / Supporting Missionaries
This may include supporting missionaries or various mission-related training opportunities, events, or the development of resources.
22% - 25% Church Planting / Supporting Church Planters
This may include supporting church planters, church plants, developing resources for church planting, or support events or training opportunities focused on church planting.
20% - 25% Investment in Christian Films
This may include supporting Christian filmmakers or projects or developing/producing our own resources for local churches or films and media which impact audiences around the world.
15% - 20% Investment in Youth Ministry / Development of Youth Ministry Resources
We are not directly involved in youth outreach or youth ministry, but this may include developing resources for youth ministries around the world or investing in training conferences designed for youth ministry leaders.
5% - 10% Reserves / Saving for Large Projects
The numbers above are reflective of our past and present spending, as well as our vision moving forward. However, they do not represent any guarantees or limits on our future budgeting decisions.

Focus on Jesus Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization as recognized by the IRS. A donation receipt will be provided at the end of the tax year for all gifts over $25.